Slightly Off Kilter

But maybe you aren’t your grandparents culture, or your parents. That is evolution. We can never hold on to the years that are gone and the way things once were. You are your own culture, the amalgamation of art and light and Mexican dirt. The richness of fabric and music, and city, and sex. You can’t help it. You were born to be reborn. This is the process of YOU becoming who YOU are meant to be. But those roots are in your face and hands. They’re alive in you.

Worked on a short film yesterday in the middle of the woods. It was sweltering, there were bugs and snakes everywhere; so today was all about “enjoying” the 82 degree weather.

Retro blouse from Dog and Pony

Custom Dog and Pony shorts that I’m drooling about

Rima Hyena and the Children of The Coming Day necklace available at Laced With Romance

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